Pigs are probably the species in greatest need of extensive husbandry, as opposed to the intensive methods employed by the majority of producers nowadays. This intensive method often includes the use of growth promoters and antibiotics built into an unnatural food. This gives an artificial muscle growth, resulting in cheap pork which is flabby, tasteless and with no proper texture.

We have sourced producers who take pride in their pigs – rare breeds, such as Middle White, Tamworth, Large Blacks and Large Whites. These pigs live a natural outdoor life allowing them to grow and mature slowly, resulting in old fashioned pork with flavour, texture, fat and fantastic crackling….

Pigs raised this way, by real people, results in subtly different flavoured pork each time…

To get pork with character, we source from Ardrossan, throughout Central Scotland and out to Islay, delivering an experience far above the norm on the high street.

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