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Here the provenance of the product is paramount. Due to the very nature of the product, it is important to source from suppliers who will only raise animals in a stress free environment with no inappropriate feeds or chemicals/additives, as offal products are where the biggest impact of these factors is felt. All our suppliers & producers raise their animals on a natural diet and as a result we are able to offer a choice of offal which is seldom found today.

The preparation of offal is somewhat different from that of meat, and so too its texture and flavour, definitely one to be savoured and not suffered. Arguably the only product which would benefit from any amount of real conditioning (hanging in this case) is the tail. Otherwise offal is best when fresh, and using delicate preparation due to its fragile cell structure (which results in its fresh, glossy look). We have most offal products available all year, though some are most definitely seasonal….for example, lamb sweet breads.

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