Offering traditional breeds that taste the way meat should….

You may wonder at the supremacy of Scottish Beef throughout Britain, let alone the rest of the world. The answer may be complex….but the bottom line is that we produce and prepare exceptionally good beef. Scottish beef is derived from a suckler cattle herd which have an extensive grazing environment, and as a result grow slowly, developing a natural full flavour that is also tender. This type of cattle grazes naturally on grass outdoors, with no hormone-laced feed additions, culminating in the very best eating experience.

Each different breed of cattle, the area from where it came and the grazing it has had will all reflect what we eventually eat. This differentiation, along with our core and individual attention to the conditioning and cutting of the meat, allow us to display each breed & habitat’s unique characteristics.

Recognising the seasons is important, as some breeds of cattle reach their prime at different times of the year, and this is vital to experiencing the meat at its very best. Some of the breeds or crossbreeds on offer are Highland, Aberdeen Angus, Galloway, Hereford & Shetland.

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